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The Lagos State Baptist Conference set up a committee on the possibility of starting a Bible College in Lagos, after the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso had made a move to have a unit of the Seminary as a campus in Lagos. The purpose and objectives of the Baptist College of Theology, Lagos can be better understood in the resolutions of the 31st Bi-annual session of the Lagos State Baptist Conference held at New Lagos Baptist Church, Surulere – Lagos on Friday and Saturday, 22nd and 23rd of September 1995.This is sequential to the approval of establishing such a College at the Yaba Session.
The extract reads, “Anywhere we have a Seminary, new churches will spring up around the school, which is an evidence that Theological Institutions contribute immensely to evangelism, which is the main duty which the church was charged by our Lord…. Theological education should be among our first priorities for it is the axis of our faith as Christians, it is the plug of missions….”
The inference from the above extract is that Theological institutions constitute an important means and medium of missions and evangelism.

Following the reactions of the house at the March 1996 session of the Lagos State Baptist Conference, the committee that was made up of Revd. (Now Revd. Dr.) M. A. Ekiran, Revd. I. O. Bamimodu, Revd. Dr. I. O. Falade and Deacon (now Revd. Dr.) J. A. Farayola was set up to meet the President of the Seminary at Ogbomoso on the 19th of April, 1996. A brain stormy session was held for one hour.


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